The following is just a smattering of useful sites on the web.  This is by no means an exhaustive list. If you find some others that you particularly like send us the URL in an e-mail.

The problem I find with the web, or computer-based sources in general, is that you only see a teeny little window of 20 or so lines of information at a time. With a real book you can flip from this page to that page, lay books out and compare them, and so forth. The efficiency of finding and extracting information from real books is much greater than with a screen-based display. And, as you wander up and down the stacks, titles catch your eye that are relevant, but perhaps not catalogued correctly.

Also, anybody can put anything they want on the web without any supporting documentation. So anything you find there is guilty until proven accurate.

Cyndi's List

This is the Yahoo! of genealogy links. You can spend hours browsing through this site.

LDS Family History Site (note no www).

This gives you an insight to their extensive holdings. They have (available for use at your nearest family history center) microforms of the orginal documents. These are what you need to substantiate an application. (again no www)

If you are lucky there is an active forum on your family surnames on this site.

This provides records relative to specific States and localities..

Heritage Books publishes a large number of books and provides some of these online.

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