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The American Revolution began at Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts on 19 April 1775.  It ended on 26 November 1783 when the British Army withdrew from New York City.  In those 8 years and 7 months a great many military actions occurred in both America and Europe.

At present we do not show all the actions engaged in by our allies (France and Spain). There were many of these, in the Carribean, India and other places around the world. They added to the British woes and finally induced them to stop the war.

Here is a summary table showing where these actions occurred by location (state, province, or at sea), and a chart showing the number of actions in each two month interval.

Summary of Actions by Location (from north to south)

State/Prov Total State/Prov Total
NS 1 VA 17
PQ 15 NC 21
ME 3 SC 89
VT 2 GA 25
MA 15 FL 1
RI 5 IN 3
CT 14 OH 1
NY 96 KY 1
NJ 34 GB 2
PA 16 FR 1
DE 1 at sea 12

Number of Actions by Two Month Intervals

Histogram of actions per month