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Revolutionary Era Leathernecks?
Recovery of John Paul Jones' Body
Spanish Soldiers of the American Revolution

At present we have five articles on the history of the American Revolution.

The first is a summary chronology of actions by location and time.  This will give you an idea of the geographic and time span of the Revolution, from its start at Lexington, Massachusetts on 19 April 1775 to its ending at New York with the final withdrawal of the British Army on 26 November 1783. [Top]

Next is an eye-witness account of how a "Feu-de-joie" celebration was conducted during the Revolution, including a description of George Washington in "stag dance" with his officers.[Top]

Third is an article or collection of notes addressed to the question: "Did Continental Marines Wear Leathernecks?" [Top]

Fourth is an article on the recovery of the body of John Paul Jones from a desecrated cemetery in Paris and its return to America. The person who performed this service to the nation, Horace Porter, was a soldier, statesman, diplomat, and a President General of the SAR. [Top]

Last is a listing, by presidio or navy, of Spanish soldiers who supported the American Revolution by their service in an allied army.

Updated 8 July 2012